Fess up BBC!

With the Chairman of the BBC Trust Lord Patten questioning the corporation that he represents, is there any wonder that the public now turn their attention to the BBC and the role they played whilst Jimmy Savile was suggested to have been sexually abusing young girls.

Savile: Posing for the Top of the Pops

It is not only the BBC who have eyes on them to come up with reasons why; Police, and councils are also in the hot seat as to why nothing was done to address the seemingly obvious issues at hand when they first arose.

Since the Savile news broke, it appears that new evidence has surfaced week after week. Have a look at the shocking footage below of Savile hosting a live episode of ‘Top of the Pops’ for the BBC back in 1976.

The footage shows Savile addressing the camera whilst smiling surrounded by an all girl audience, looking to the female to the left of him on screen it is questionable as to what is happening right in front of the camera.

It’s very possible that the BBC may have been quite aware of what Savile was doing, not only in this isolated incident but others too. The question remains as IF the BBC did know of what was happening then WHY did they do nothing about the issue? Celebrity status has been the main issue identified for how he could have got away with the abuse for so long. Did celebrity status mean that Savile was more trustworthy than others? Trustworthy enough to be given the keys to the Nurses Accommodation back in the late 1980’s where he was provided with the keys upon asking for late night visits due to his fundraising work. The obvious answer to this question is presumably the answer to most of life’s dire questions and that is: money and status. Is it ethical?……..Not really.

Savile, before the recent news of his alleged wrong-doings was perhaps seen as a national treasure; more memorably known for his show ‘Jim’ll fix it’ Savile was a major player on the BBC screens; perhaps the BBC had too much at stake or was trying to cover up a much sinister secret altogether?

As mentioned above, police and a council are also being asked questions. When Savile’s own memoir’s ‘As it Happens’ 1974 he claims that he made demands for the council to provide him with 6 girls and a tent as ‘payment’ to take part in a charity event. Savile described the girls as “good enough to eat” and he had an “incredible evening”.

So with so much of Savile’s dirty laundry now being aired in public for all to see, can we truly believe that no-one knew? Did money buy the right people’s silence? Was it simply a mistake that the police file for the investigation placed before his death  had gone ‘missing’ or is it a case of being above the law?

 Written by Stephanie Birch


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    • Thanks for commenting! The blog has originally started out as an assignment but gradually has become more of a outlet to air our views on some of today’s obvious ethical issues.

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