Savile and others

The investigation surrounding Jimmy Savile is fully under way as more and more people are coming forward with claims they were abused. Since then, two other celebrities Gary Glitter and Freddie Starr have since been questioned surrounding the Savile investigation.

On November 2, comedian Freddie Starr (69) was arrested and since bailed after police questioning about allegations of sexual abuse surrounding Jimmy Savile.

Starr has since applied for an injunction so that the media could not report the allegations, but this was rejected by the high court. Instead, Starr has actively spoken to the media in order to clear his name.  The video shows a clip of Freddie Starr vigorously denying the allegations.

Starr has also appeared on tv shows such as This Morning with his fiancée (34) to deny that he had any involvement regarding the Savile scandal.

‘I absolutely hate paedophiles. If I even see a child getting hurt on TV I have to change channel…To be accused like this is devastating… I’ve got to fight back’.

Freddie Starr and his fiancée on This Morning

PR guru Max Clifford has also claimed that many stars from the 1960’s and 70’s have contacted him  as they are  ‘frightened’ they will become implicated in the widening child abuse scandal’.

As Savile is now deceased, he will never have the chance to clear his name. It’s a case of only being able to judge via the evidence from the victims.

Once a much loved TV star and icon for many people across the country for his charitable work, ITV news states that Savile ‘is now believed to have been one of the UK’s most prolific abusers, with about 300 possible victims’.

I think that the media have definitely made an impact on changing the public’s opinion of Savile due to the amount of coverage and allegations there has been. My opinion of Freddie Starr, however, has remained the same. He has the chance to defend himself and his reputation. Is this a prime  case of innocent until proven guilty?

What are your thoughts?

Written by Lisa Hammerton


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