The right to die…

Nicklinson_2317396bIt’s hard to think that one day any one of you reading this may be in the situation where your health is so dire, that you may request the right to die.

It’s a solemn topic for a Monday but the issues surrounding legalizing Euthanasia are hard to ignore; we tend to put these issues to the back of our thoughts, not wanting to face the reality of life and those tough decisions.

One of the main case studies that is surrounding this issue in the media is that of Tony Nicklinson, a man who has a condition called Locked In Syndrome;  Nicklinson previously worked in Dubai as an engineer before his stroke led to him having an active mind locked inside a paralysed body. The story pulls on the heart-strings of anyone who can imagine how devastating it would be to be fully aware of how unimaginably helpless you are.

Nicklinson’s family are fighting for his right to die; the question remains, not just in this case but in most cases of severe health conditions, is it ethically right to allow medical staff to facilitate the death of a patient?

There are many factors to consider when trying to come to a conclusion, there is of course the suffering of the patient, whether their situation is terminal, religious views and whether the patient is able to make their own decisions and are whether they are in the right emotional state of mind to be able to cope with these type of decisions. With issues so delicate like these I try to put myself in the mindset of the people involved; for example a sports junkie who looses the use of his legs and is now unable to play the sport that he loves.

The example above could cause a debate, I myself feel that although the situation is dire the patients emotional state of mind would play a massive part into why the victim of illness may feel like giving up, but with time and support from friends, family and mental health specialists, perhaps the quality of life can be improved and the moments of weakness could be overcome?

Let me know what you think, would you like the option to end your own life if it came down to it? Or do you think that there are grey areas?

Written by Stephanie Birch


3 thoughts on “The right to die…

  1. I guess a lot of people say “It’s that person’s right to chooce to end their life” and to a point that’s true. However what people do seem to forget about is the burdon that the person who performs the mercy killing carries around with them for the rest of their lives.

    At the end of the day it is murder and could carry a prison sentence of 15 years in this countr (not quite sure I agree that it should but still) and is a massive thing to be responsible for.

    TBH I’m a little bit ‘on the fence’ when it comes to this so I’m quite interested to see other people’s comments.

  2. Yes i feel that you should have the right to say when you want to die if the person it affects knows there no way back and has medical evidence that there is no hope why shouldn’t that person have the right die with dignity

  3. If you are able to communicate whether by sound or message board as in, I believe, Tony’s case, then you should have to right to say when the time is right for you to end your suffering. Let’s face it, you wouldn’t normally want to end your life if you were not suffering in some way or other. We all deserve some right to die with dignity or do we merely have to exist, in order to appease others?

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