Stephanie Birch

“I often describe myself as a 5ft SHORT shot of energy”

With the world’s population ever increasing to highs of a staggering 7 billion people it has never been more apparent for the need of effective facilitators of communication.

I pride myself in knowing how to talk to people, understanding who they are and what it is that makes them tick within the first meeting with them; it is this skill that enables me to effectively adjust my language and communication tone in order to achieve the best possible professional relationship with them.

I know that the above paragraph probably sounds like a long winded some what academic way of wording that I like to chat…a lot; and your not far off! To be perfectly honest I often describe my self as a 5ft SHORT shot burst of energy, anything that I am passionate anf care about will get 100% of my enthusiasm.

It hasn’t taken someone that I care about to pass away for me to realize that life is short, and what matters is not to treat life like ‘YOLO’ *you only live once’ but to leave something worthwhile behind; life is never lived to its fullest everyday but opportunities should not be missed and each individual no matter how small *cough* should make some kind of mark on their world…somehow.

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